Monday, January 10, 2011

Week Two - Day 8 - Marché Couvert Treilhard

I am still so excited to be here. I am so happy, I just cannot stop smiling! Today being Monday most things were closed. The only Marche that was open was Marché Couvert Treilhard, 1 rue Corvetto, 75008 Paris. Took line 7 and change at Opera to line 3. Although this was billed as the smallest Marche in Paris I was not prepared for it to be part of a G20 Food Store. Never the less I bought fava beans (truly one of my favorite foods), apples, mandarin oranges (because we had them at Stephanie’s and they were delicious), very small onions and finger potatoes. 14,50 e.
After dropping the Marche food off chez nous, we went out again to look for pate. Walked for a while. Monday universally is a day when shops are closed. Passed an olive oil shop and were seduced to enter. Tasted two oils and bought a liter of Virge Extra Huile Olive de Nyons, plus a bag of Herb de Provence. 28e. Asked the shop owner if there was a charcuterie near by and she said that near Metro St Paul but it was Monday and they might be closed. Walked past the Metro and saw a shop that looked interesting. The shop was a producer of foie gras. After a tournee of the fois gras by the shop owner, I purchased the smallest piece of unpasturised, peppered (poivre) duck (versus goose) fois gras. And I could not resist a package of Jambon de Bayonne, which the proprietaire said was very expensive, so I won’t be surprised to only find three pieces in the package. Not the best store to be in when you are hungry! John says that to buy the fois gras in a restaurant would be over a 100e. I agree, which is why we buy our food and eat chez nous. On the way back stopped at G20 to buy wine, salad, and smoked salmon that John gave me a hard time over buying. Final stop at a boulangeries for a baguette and homeward bound.
Returned at 4PM to have lunch chez nous. Of course we finished off the smoked salmon (John had his share also), with the little onions, wonderful tomatoes and cornichons, plus the Macon – Villages Chardonnay wine.
I paid our rent this morning. 505 e, which is about a 12% increase over last year. Still the cheapest rent in Paris.
Tonight we go to an artist presentation at Cite. Chaon-Wen Ting from Taiwan will present Judit Villiger from Switzerland, who is a painter, sculpture and installation artist.

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