Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Week One - Day 1- Our Arrival

 Did not sleep on plane at all. Movies did not have sound so I did not get to watch Eat Pray Love. Did read Sleeping with Schubert. A wonderful read. Thank you Teri Keller. Flight arrived at 10 AM, an hour late. Had to deplane on tarmac, walk down steps with heavy bags, take a bus to the terminal and then walk up stairs with heavy bags. CDG looks a bit run down. Spent and hour getting bags, finding toilets, and standing in line for taxi. Not unpleasant. Took a taxi 50 e to Cite. Not that much more than a shuttle for two people and very easy. 45.5 e for ride, three bags and 5 e tip. On the ride into the City Paris looked dirty and urban with lots of sterile architecture.

Checked into Cite. Unpacked and organized the room. Rather Spartan but good size. Nice bathroom and adequate kitchen. Fantastic views of the Seine. Three large windows almost floor to ceiling. 5 hour time loss so we are tired. Sky is gray but it is not too cold. Just wore my fur vest with leg and arm warmers. Hat, gloves and scarf also of course. Lots of young people on the street. I forget how old we are most times until I look in the mirror. Got some lunch 20 e. Had a potato and pea soup which I expected to be chunky but was pureed, it was good. John got café crème and a mushroom omelet. The mushrooms were delicious.

Got food for the room 28.5 e. Wine, coffee, tea, dish soap, eggs, cheeses, yogurt and cereal. Forgot to get bread so went out again to a boulangerie. Resisted getting pastries. Can’t describe how good the bread is here. Finished getting room arranged. Ate pasta stuffed with basil and pine nuts, cheese, bread and wine. Tap water is very good. Can’t get wifi until we have mobile phones. Bed at 10 PM. Woke at 4 AM and photographed out the window for an hour. Still can’t sleep so have started this blog. Computer time has not yet changed so it is almost midnight body time but 6 AM here. I am very happy to be here.

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