Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Week One - Day 2 - le Marais

 After petit-déjeuner chez nous we walked to the Bastille area and around le Marais for about 4 hours. The Bastille was closer than I thought that it would be to us. We got John a French cell phone and 100 minutes of sim card for 54 e. His phone number is 06 71 99 50 07. We only stopped to have a coffee in a very cool petite coffee shop 3 e and I bought a pain au chocolate 1e in a Jewish boulangerie. The Marais is a Jewish district and John looks like an old Jewish man in his hat. Lots of tourist abound in this area.

Before returning home we stopped at G20 supermarches. I used the loyalty card that Linda White had given me but my French was not good enough to understand the transaction exactly. The cashier was very nice but only spoke French. I did seem to get some kind of discount. It is good when the French don’t speak English so my French must improve. Bought more provisions for the atelier. Had lunch chez nous and are now working on getting Internet service and charging electronics. Our friend Stephanie Lerner called. We will probably go to her house this weekend. Got more food. The yummy pasta from last night was on sale so I got two more packages! We are in for the night at 5:30 PM! Time to work now.

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  1. The Bastille that close! That's great Two of my favorite restaurants are slightly hidden just around the corner. Will get the info to you soon. The Marais is where I was staying. It is also full of homosexual males and their bars. Was lovely. Never did get falafel. If you do, please let me know how it is. Everything sounds great!