Friday, January 7, 2011

Week One - Day 4 - Le Marais

I down loaded this app called Poladroid which makes your digital pics looks like Polaroids.
It’s raining. Started last night. Now I wish I had brought my raincoat instead of my heavy coat! I just did the laundry in the building. How I hate doing laundry in a public place. Three washers and only one dryer. First I had to buy tokens at the desk and then take the elevator to another floor and take another elevator to the basement. I walked back up. The French do not appear to use the stairs. John finished off doing the laundry; the dryer is only the first step in drying, so we have clothes drying in our atelier. The rain became a drizzle so we went to the Bastille metro station buy a metro pass. It was 65,50 e each! I was expecting it to be 25e each. Well we just need to get our money’s worth and will try it out tomorrow. Also bought umbrellas. Walked around a bit and visited galleries. Once again John scored … he was given this book by an artist who makes welded sign art. My score was a dumpster sweater which had some plaster on it. It’s heavy gray wool with a turtleneck zipper … very French looking. I haven’t tried it on yet but it is a great find. I plan to do a lot of dumpster diving. Our Internet service is out. John called the Internet service and they are having problems.  After he signed up for WiFirst service I saw a sign outside the bursars office saying the service was slow, intermittent, and annoying. I do think that the Cite should provide that info in a more dispersed manner. In a way it is ok with me because that way we don’t spend so much time surfing. Diner with John was a discussion of conspiracy theory regarding the 911 bombing especially the pentagon. It makes my head hurt.
So I think that making this Poladroid B&W is even more interesting!
Dinner was reheated rice with parsley, leaks, asparagus, omlette, salad and cheese. Actually too much food for me. After dinner we took a walk. My intent was to walk Ille de Cite. However it is so easy to get misdirected. Eventually we realized that we were on the right bank. Again we walked until our feet hurt. I feel that I am really seeing Paris this time. Again it is that sense of time that allows for real discovery. The architecture is so awesome. I am definitely looking forward to exploring some of the less touristy arrondisements. The area outside the Cite is filled with homeless encampment. My memories of my first trip to Paris in 1970 contain visions of homeless sleeping on subway grates. It has not changed except for the homeless having computers and other electronics. Our plan for tomorrow is to explore with our Metro pass and go to the Musee D’Art Modern of the City of Paris. One of my favorite museums and where we bought the Niki de St Phalle print on our way back from Africa. The weather is misty with occasional drops but not enough to warrant an umbrella if you have a hat. It is warm also especially when you are walking.


  1. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. It brings back so many memories of my trip last New Year's. It is such an incredible city. Enjoy!

  2. i feel like i'm there! love reading your blog. the rain completes the parisian picture in my mind.