Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week One - Day 6 - Marché Saint –Quentin

Blue skies for the first time, and I woke at a decent hour (8 am) to stretch a bit before getting ready for the day. I realized that I could tell the time relatively accurately by the sound of the traffic. It saves looking at the clock! I think that it has taken so long to adjust because of all the housekeeping issues to attend to that are not present when one is a tourist.

This morning we go to the covered Marche Saint-Quentin on boulevard Magenta in the 10th. We will take the metro to Gare L’est. Marche Saint –Quentin was built in 1866 and replaced an even older Marche that was demolished when the Blvd. Strasbourg was built. I was just thinking about how we do things on a much more intimate scale here. We shop for food each day and take out the trash each day. Also no TV, which I love. Tonight we go to two gallery openings in Belleville, and then to our friend Stephanie’s house that is just north of Paris in Porte St. Ouen. Last night I worked on a photographic composition.

 We just returned from Marche Saint-Quentin. The metro took 15 minutes, which was a bit of a round about route, but we did not have to change trains. Very easy the Pont Marie Metro outside our building and the Gare L’est Metro a half block from the Marche. I was able to buy fresh pasta, pate and cornichons, vegetables, and more cheese. John keeps saying that we have enough cheese but I would rather buy it from a Fromagier, and it won’t last long enough to go bad! The Marche vendors are great. I have a bit of trouble with the small change, stuff under a euro, and they are very helpful and honest.
An accordion player serenaded us on the train but we were the next stop so not enough time to photograph him or give a donation. After lunch we will head out to Belleville in the 20th Arrondissement.

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