Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week Three – Day 19 - Geneve

Got up at 6 AM to catch the 8 AM TGV train to Geneve. Arrived in Geneve at 11:30 and took bus into town to visit Musee of Art Contemporaine which was showing their older permanent collection of conceptual art.

Ate and drank for an hour while hanging around Train Gare waiting for Steve’s arrival. Caught the bus to Robin’s work and toured the Lobby Art at UNAIDS. Went to Robin and Duncan’s lovely house in a village in France, about a half hour from downtown Geneve. Ate, drank, drank, ate. Dinner was Duncan’s special spaghetti sauce, lots of good wine from Duncan’s cellar and cheese, which we all contributed. Snuck off to bed while the others played pool.

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