Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week Three – Day 16 - Musee Rodin

Cleaned the room. Tried to get clean sheets but the bureaucracy was against us. We will have to wait until next Tuesday between 9:30 and 11:30 and go to the 1st floor of this building. They change the location each week.

Anyway went to Musee Rodin in the rain. It is confusing when you exit the metro to know which direction you are facing so after walking in a large circle we finally headed the correct direction. I was hungry, cold and wet, so we stopped at a Brasserie for lunch. I had a Lyonnaise dish which was hareng (herring) with potatoes. It was very good.

Fortunately we were able to get into the Musee by showing our museum passes even thought it was not on the list. While it was nice to see the Musee and the Henry Moore exhibit, it was not worth the 10e each to get into the Musee, the Musee building, which is the Hotel de Biron from the 18th century, was interesting to see. Rodin used the Hôtel Biron as his workshop from 1908, and subsequently donated his entire collection of sculptures to the French State on the condition that they turn the building into a museum dedicated to his works. It desperately needs renovation but it is self funded so it will probably not happen any time soon.

Doing laundry again. Later we meet Steve Morello at the D’Orsay to go to his friends’ house for dinner.

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